Bester’s works on show at GFI

East London artist Stephanie Bester’s latest solo exhibition opened at the GFI Gallery at 30 Park Drive this week.

The new exhibition, titled Emancipation, consists of bronze sculptures and oil paintings.

The works aim to connote how over time and history, economics, socio-religious and political perceptions have influenced relationships and the need for women to rise above the social expectations that have dwarfed the power of their feminine potential.

The elongating figures in the paintings allude to the influence of the San people whilst the poses, colour and medium communicate the narrative behind the journey.

“The first step to an individual transformation is a ritual that would change one’s perception of the ‘other’, a change that could allow for an acceptance that every human being has male and female qualities – strengths and weaknesses, rationale and non-rationale, femininity and masculinity – influencing behavioural patterns,” Bester said.

Bester exhibited at L’Artigiano in Fiera in Milan, Italy two years ago and at Cape Town’s AVA Gallery and Art Centre last year.

The exhibition runs until May 2.

  • For gallery hours call (041) 586-3973.

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