‘Igazi’ next for Soso

Soso Rungqu bags a new role on Mzansi Magic’s ‘Igazi’

East London-born Soso Rungqu is firmly positioning herself as one of South Africa’s top actresses after bagging yet another high-profile role, this time on Mzansi Magic’s Igazi.

Rungqu captured the hearts of many South Africans through her no-nonsense character, Morongwa Kau, on the SABC3 soapie Isidingo.

The 33-year-old former Clarendon High School pupil said she had been trying to crack the acting industry for the past 10 years since leaving Tswane University of Technology in 2006 where she studied performing arts and musical theatre.

Rungqu has made cameo appearances on numerous shows such as Rhythm City, 7de Laan and Scandal and is also a voice-over artist.

In mid-March, she announced via a cryptic post on social media that she had landed a role on Igazi, but did not reveal anything about her character’s name.

Rungqu told Weekend Post of her decade-long journey to getting into the space where she now finds herself.

Tell us about your new role on Igazi.

I play the role of Queen Nxabane, wife to King Nxabane.

How different is your new character to Morongwa?

Queen Nxabane is a more mature character, she’s very calm and there’s the whole aspect of royalty and being a queen. I also have a daughter on the show and what I love about the new show is that it’s purely local content, which is great.

What happens in the daily life of Soso Rungqu?

I’m already at work by 6.30am and we start filming immediately and the days can be long because we don’t just shoot one episode. Shooting is not necessarily in the order the episodes appear on television.

Is the industry everything you hoped it would be?

I am where I am supposed to be because everything is happening as it’s supposed to and my acting career is on the right course… I’m in a space where everything is aligned but at the same time nothing feels the same and everything is balanced.

You’re not just a television actress, but you do theatre and sing as well. Which art form are you most passionate about?

I can’t compare because all three have different dimensions that are unique to the genre. Theatre is live, it’s in the now and you need to be quick on your feet because there’s no room for error and there aren’t any retakes versus what you see on television screens. As for on screen, everything is in the eye and you need to project your feelings so viewers can feel what you feel.

You are hosting an event today. Are you branching out in your career and would you say this is one of the opportunities afforded to you from being in the limelight?

Apart from acting, performing arts is part of the entertainment industry and me hosting an event is aligned with my industry because I feel standing up on a stage and speaking to a crowd involves a bit of acting.

There is plenty happening on the performing arts scene in the Eastern Cape. What advice would you give upcoming actors and actresses keen to break into television?

The unfortunate thing with television, especially in the Eastern Cape, is there isn’t exposure and it’s such a sad thing because that’s where most of the talent is.

Joburg is the hub of the entertainment industry – it’s much broader here. There’s singing, story telling and there are a lot of people from the Eastern Cape doing great things behind the scenes.

Do you think municipalities need to invest more in the arts?

I think we need to do whatever is necessary to build up the arts as much as possible. I can’t say it depends on any one person to uplift an entire community but even myself, I’m just here to inspire who I can.
But artists need to do the research to empower themselves because if they’re waiting on someone else to do it for them, they’ll wait forever.

Season two of Igazi airs tomorrow on Mzansi Magic.

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