Forget the negative – it’s Friday!

Hello darlings, thank goodness it’s Friday and I can drown my sorrows tonight without having to worry about the alarm in the morning. What a week we’ve had as a country – did someone say “junk status?” But anyway, that’s not why you passed all these other pages to get straight to your favourite gossip column.

Last Thursday night I went to view some beautiful hand-crafted items at the Athenaeum in Belmont Terrace for the opening of the Lithuba Lakho Craft Competition and Exhibition.

It was packed and the cuties from Umle Sounds tried to entertain guests even though people could barely hear them because of the poor sound system.

There were a lot of beautiful people, some hippies and some in urban wear. Hlubi Hewitt-Coleman was in attendance and looked stunning in a long satin dress. She’s now sporting a weave, honeys. I love women who know how to switch it up.

Last Friday morning I attended Unity in Africa’s iGEMS launch, also at the Athenaeum, where I spotted a slim and stylish-looking Michelle Brown. As we speak Michelle is winging her way to the US for her 60th birthday celebration in Los Angeles. Seems she is well on her way to getting her beach body ready for what’s left of the good weather too.

Last Saturday one of my minions went to the trendy Roof Garden Bar in Central to attend the Imibala Arts Festival where the likes of Rob Thompson, Tarynne Swarts and Skank and the Roots gave stellar performances.

Bay designer Cleo Allison is one stunning lady. She might as well model her clothes herself because she sure turned heads at the festival.

The music was great and you are guaranteed to have a successful event if hosted at Roof Garden Bar because people just seem to gravitate towards that place nowadays.

Meanwhile, there were more than a couple of confused-looking faces on the other side of Nelson Mandela Bay at Kwano’s Meat Corner for the Robot Party.

So depending on what colour you wore, it represented your relationship status. Some not so subtle gentlemen opted not to stick to the theme – I suppose they didn’t want to offend their side-chicks by exposing their status!

Kwano’s Meat Corner is always fun but some of the cars need to park outside in future because people are not there for a car show, but to chill.

Until next time, ciao darlings and make it a rip-roaring weekend!

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