I’m not African enough for Usher, says Coffee

DJ Black Coffee has spoken out about a potential collaboration with Usher going pearshaped after the US star felt Coffee’s music was not “African enough”.

Speaking on Metro FM‚ Black Coffee told how he had been excited to represent Africa when he was approached by Usher’s management.

However‚ the Climax hitmaker felt Black Coffee’s song was too modern and did not have the African feel he was looking for.

“While I was in New York‚ I met up with Usher’s manager. Obviously he’s like let’s work‚ we love the African vibe‚” he said.

Black Coffee said he had been eager to work with Usher‚ whose team set up a meeting between them so they could discuss music.

He said after the talk‚ they had agreed that Coffee would create a song that he thought would work.

“The following day the manager called and said‚ ‘no he [Usher] thinks the song is a bit too modern‚ he wanted something African’ and I was like ‘[well] maybe not’‚” Black Coffee said. He said while he did not know what “Africa” meant to the R&B artist‚ he knew what it meant to him.

“I don’t know what Africa is to him but Africa to me is something different‚ we are not in the jungle right now.

“You know Africa is different. Africa is a totally different place.

“For other people they still wanna hear the bongo [drums] and the congas on music‚ and I am cool to do that but only if it fits.”

Black Coffee said if he agreed to collaborate with someone‚ it had to be in line with his vision as well.

“For me if I wanna do the song with you‚ this is the vision that I have.

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