No space for Cliff in book, says Marah

Marah LouwSinger Marah Louw holds nothing back in her newly released autobiography‚ It’s Me‚ Marah ‚in which she details all aspects of her life except for her altercation with Gareth Cliff‚ whom she says will not get any attention from her.

She told Times Media she found it difficult to speak about Gareth Cliff and that she could not bring herself to mention him in the book.

“There’s somewhere where I say I don’t ever wanna speak about Idols again‚ ever again. I will not give them any piece of publicity. So that boy‚ I call him a boy because he is a boy‚ I am not giving him any‚ any attention‚” she said.

Marah was referring to the incident which saw her being fired from Idols for allegedly being drunk during a live broadcast.

Gareth admitted in his own book Cliffhanger‚ Confessions of a Shock Jock‚ to handing Marah a drink that contained vodka and Red Bull in 2010.

The incident saw Marah making headlines across the country and left her image tarnished.

The actress‚ who is currently playing Aunt Boi on The Queen‚ has admitted that her book might raise some controversy as she does not hide anybody’s name.

She also mentioned that she did not dwell on the Gareth incident as he had allegedly “already tried to sell his book with her name”.

Gareth made headlines late last year just days before his book hit shelves.

“It’s not common practice to have a drink on set‚ but that evening one of the crew brought a bottle of vodka for a pre-show celebratory drink.

“I passed Marah her drink and all was well until halfway through the show when she became a touch emotional‚ or maybe delirious.

“Needless to say‚ the press had a field day and I was the one Marah threw under the bus during a radio interview the next day‚” Gareth said in the book.

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