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The New All-in-One Manual for Pre-School Activities
The New All-in-One Manual for Pre-School Activities

The New All-in-One Manual for Pre-school Activities – expertly compiled by the author of the Before I Go to School series Mart Meij – delivers a comprehensive educational perspective on teaching pre-schoolers.

This unique 322-page manual has been compiled according to the National Curriculum Framework to provide an invaluable tool to caregivers, teachers and parents in educating tots, toddlers and children up to the age of five years old.

The manual starts with a spider diagram at the start of the week, a circle activity (with two supplementary activities) in which the child does activities with materials and a story for each day.

It also contains a “Cooking Fun” activity in which the child makes some topical edible objects (like a pig cookie linking to “Farm animals”) and a puppet theatre story.

This book is truly an excellent resource providing the educational practitioner with an in-depth understanding of the required development of children aged two to five years.

The chapters create a neatly allocated package that is easy to follow and understand.

This is especially helpful for individuals who do not have any Early Childhood Development (ECD) development training, such as parents.

New All-in-One provides the reader with many interesting ideas to explain concepts to children of particular age groups. It also specifies milestones and provides some guidelines to manage unique or challenging children. The manual in a nutshell:

  • Includes the (Early Learning Development Areas (ELDAs);
  • Contains background information on the pre-school programme;
  • Hints for activities using readily accessible materials;
  • Includes topics such as “Me”, “My body”, “Animals” (with separate topics such as “Birds”, “Pets” and “Farm animals, etc.), and “My environment”;
  • Helps a child to successfully advance to Grade R.

The manual is accompanied by a full-colour 2D and 3D activity book which provides fun, educational activities to assist the child in developing practical skills, coordination while encouraging creativity.

The New All-in-One Manual for Pre-school Activities retails for R308.

  • Michelle van Kerkhof is a Pre-Grade R teacher in Port

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