Weather is single biggest decider for a good catch

The weather is the single, fundamental factor influencing whether or not you will make a catch. Regardless of all the tackle and bait advantages, the weather is still the decider.

Today we have advanced technical help to predict when to venture out or not. The wind is not necessarily the angler’s foe (aeration of the water stimulates feeding trends) but it does make conditions a little unpleasant.

Five-day forecasts from various websites can be compared and accurate decisions can be made as to where and when to angle. This is especially the case when travelling some distance to make that cast.

In the old days, anglers had to rely on instinct and the old wallhanging barometers.

The barometer is a good indicator of situations about to unfold, but certainly not a week or more ahead, and it requires constant monitoring.

On the fishing scene, some respectable spotted grunters (65cm) were caught on the Sundays River, along with a diamond ray of 54kg earlier in the week.

This week’s angling social was held at Brighton Beach where a “mixed bag” of fish was caught. There were some good spotted grunters along with shad and kob again making for some fun, along with the odd scratchers. A few non-edibles were also on the scene.

The grunters were caught on blood worm, which can produce a number of species on the surf in that area at this time of year. The wild side of Port Elizabeth seems to be experiencing unusually cold waters and it seems the possibilities lie inside the bay at the moment, with reports of a red tide being witnessed at Thyspunt near Oyster Bay and expected to push through to the eastern side of the coast.

For the angling calendar, the Nautical Festival Tune Angling Competition is to be held out of the Port of St Francis from April 26 to 29. For more information, contact Tim Christy on 082-569-3750.

This past weekend was a ball at the harbour with the PEople’s Port Festival. This will surely be a life-changing experience for many, judging by the smiles I saw on some young anglers’ faces.

The angling was blessed with stripped bonitas being caught from the side, which could be a result of the easterly pushing colder water into the bay and causing the fish to school up against the wall. What a bonus!

These fish are awesome to catch on light tackle.

A large ragged tooth shark was also caught during the formal competition last Saturday.

Weather conditions this weekend: the 28th was dark moon spring tide so today and tomorrow the odds are in favour as it is the “three days after” window. Today has a westerly breeze continuing through the night turning southerly by low tide at 12.29pm tomorrow, becoming easterly for the duration of the weekend. No heavy wind is expected for this period. My guess is early morning tomorrow should provide a reasonable prospect.

A reader informed me about the fun they had on in the lagoon at the Van Stadens Resort catching small white steenbras. This is an ideal place to teach youngsters to angle.

Since this is a “blind” river, the fish are resident and usually quite active. The garrick are also well stocked and take almost any well presented lure too.

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