Kids’ party ideas that don’t break the piggy bank


Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a crafty mom from Uitenhage who writes about DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog JustEllaBella.



The cost of kids parties adds up fast. Well, technically everything adds up fast these days, the economy better make a quick turnaround or people will need to take out loans for milk and bread. I don’t want to have to put a down payment on eggs, people! Avocado prices are bad enough …

But I digress, it’s my son’s birthday next week and like with most things in my life, I like to look at ways to make things easier and cheaper while sticking to a theme.

My soon-to-be four-year-old suggested that I only give out three party packs and he will just remind the other kids that he loves them too.

In lieu of that, I chatted to kiddies party planner Tanya Bekker of Monkey Magic Functions who gave me a few ideas.

  • Candy necklaces come in bulk packs and can add a fancy effect to a princess-themed party without breaking the bank;
  • Bulk jelly sweets are a cheaper option and you can decant it into smaller, themed packages;
  • Mini biscuits, such as mini cheddars and mini Marie biscuits, are always a winner and can be bought in packs of six;
  • Party bags of chocolate like smarties or chomps are a cute addition and the serving sizes are not too big;
  • Lollipops are also not very expensive and can be bought in a colour that matches the theme.

Dealing with pre-diabetes myself, I try to stay away from too much refined sugar and will substitute some of the sweets with something healthier (not all of the sweets, it’s a party after all).

Some of my healthier options are:

  • Small boxes/packs of raisins;
  • Apples as they are healthy, tasty and rather durable (durability is good with preschoolers);
  • Lightly salted pretzels;
  • Homemade cookies or mini muffins;
  • Trade the juice for milk or water;
  • Fruit rolls.

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