‘Meeting of minds’ for Black Coffee, P Diddy

DJ Black Coffee Picture: Tshepo Kekana
DJ Black Coffee Picture: Tshepo Kekana

DJ Black Coffee has finally let Mzansi in on the real reasons behind his meeting with US rapper P Diddy‚ that left most of fans in awe and green with envy.

Sometime in the middle of last year US rapper P Diddy shared snaps of him and DJ Black Coffee chilling in Malibu‚ California with the caption‚ “a meeting of the minds”.

Black Coffee spoke out about the details of the meeting on Phat Joe’s East Coast Radio show.

This was after Phat Joe shared that he (and probably most of us) thought the meeting was about a dance album collaboration.

“No‚ I even assumed he wanted me for a dance album‚ but that’s not the case. He’s working on his latest hip-hop album. I finally sat down with him and he was explaining to me the vision‚ like the sound he was trying to get‚” Black Coffee revealed.

He added that P Diddy said‚ “I know what you do, but this is not the reason I want you here. I don’t want you for dance‚ I believe you can do something quite unique to this project”.

Black Coffee also explained that P Diddy fully understood where his expertise lied but still offered him a space to contribute on his latest hip-hop album.

“So I’m not contributing on house music‚ I’m contributing on hip-hop,”

Black Coffee said.


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