Duma spits back at trolls


Ntando Duma Picture: Veli Nhlapo
Ntando Duma Picture: Veli Nhlapo

All hail Ntando Duma‚ the new queen of shade! The actress isn’t scared to tell her haters where to get off – or throw a little spice.

Ntando is constantly bombarded with people attempting to steal her shine and she often puts trolls in their place.
In the last week‚ Ntando has responded to several hate messages, criticising everything from her emcee skills to her growing breasts.

Take a look at some of her most spicy clapbacks:

“Mind your own business and let little kids shine.”

On Monday Ntando posted a picture of herself wearing a white outfit showing off her cleavage and legs.

“Nothing will go wrong if you dress fully‚” a follower wrote.
Ntando fired back with full power‚ “and nothing will ever go wrong if you mind your own business and let little kids shine Skobo.”

“Stop drinking alcohol sisi,:

Just a few days earlier‚ Ntando responded to a fan who dissed her emceeing skills by telling her to stop drinking alcohol because it is going to their ass.

“Clearly your life is about others,” she hit back.

After one follower warned Ntando about losing her humility‚ she told another who had commented on the warning to stop involving herself in other people’s business:


She said: “Your life must be very boring‚ hey?”

She also hit back at one fan’s suggestion that her boobs grew everyday:

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