Make your child a dinosaur jacket

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Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a crafty mom from Uitenhage who writes about DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog JustEllaBella. Today she shows you how to make a dinosaur jacket for your toddler.


Every year on my son’s birthday I make him a gift and this year won’t be any different.

(Don’t be too impressed he is only three!)

I’m still working on this year’s gift but thought I would share his gift from last year in the meantime, which was a dinosaur jacket.

I made this for Aidan as part of his “birthday outfit”.


I wanted something unique and having seen things like this on the net, I did what I always do, I simplified it because I lack three things.

  • Buckets full of money
  • Time
  • The patience to bother with projects that take longer than a day.

It’s a dino hoodie but Aidan insists it’s a dragon one and I guess it works as both.

What you need:

A hoodie.
Felt diamonds of the same size (I cut mine out of a big piece of felt using a makeshift template cut out of paper)
Sewing machine or needle and thread.

What you do:

Starting at the top of the hoodie, sew the diamonds in a straight line all the way down, making sure the diamonds touch but do not overlap.

I sewed it with the broader area facing out, making sure I go straight down the middle of the diamonds.

Then using glue that is compatible with felt, fold the diamonds into triangles.

Cut any excess fabric off.

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