Spotlight on Storms River

As a popular Garden Route destination the Storms River area has become synonymous with outdoor adventure.

The river which lends its name to the area is surrounded by tall indigenous trees and flows through the Tsitsikamma National Park, one of the oldest marine reserves in the country.

Author Johan Brink says that centuries ago, long before the Storms River Village was ever dreamed of, herds of elephants traversed the land on which it now stands.

“Every year, for thousands of years, they would migrate across this area en route to the drier lands north-east of the now Port Elizabeth to return at the turn of the following season to the cool tranquillity of the coastal forests.

“Living in total harmony with these gentle giants were the San, hunter-gatherers who periodically lived in this area and at the coast, migrating, like the elephants back and forth as the seasons dictated,” he writes in an article titled, The Story of Storms River Village.

These days, however, it is backpackers and adventure seekers who roam the area. The village is known for a number of adventure activities like canopy tours, ziplinging, biking trails, fishing excursions and blackwater tubing

The lure of adventure and beautiful natural surroundings has meant that many who have come to visit, have chosen to stay and kloofing.

It also boasts one of the world’s highest bungee jumps at Bloukrans River Bridge. The jump is 216m, making it one of the five highest bungees in the world.

The lure of adventure and beautiful natural surroundings has meant that many who have come to visit, have chosen to stay.

Today Storms River Village has become a bustling little town with a very special ambience and feel. The homes in the area range from quaint cottages that look like they were picked out a Hans Christian Andersen story book, to large estates that would not look out of place on a Texas ranch.

Property prices

The median asking price for a three-bedroom house is R2,02 million

Best in food

  • Marilyn’s ‘60s Diner: for a memorable meal, snack or milkshake in an American-style diner
  • Rafters Restaurant: for real South African food with a hint of Cape Malay influences
  • Tsitrus Cafe: a family-friendly restaurant known for great pizza

Area attractions

  • Blackwater tubing
  • Bunjee jumping off the Bloukrans River Bridge
  • Water sports on the Storms River

Things to do

  • Go bird-watching in Tsitsikamma National Park.
  • Visit the Bitou Art Gallery.
  •  Shop for souvenirs at Storms River Centre Arts and Crafts Centre.

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