Eventful week from ‘kasi’ to burbs

Hi darlings, it’s your favourite girl again, bringing juicy, spicy and scandalous gossip. I was a bit under the weather on Friday so I stayed in.

On Saturday night, my diary was full as I bounced between New Brighton and Kings Beach for the Redd’s Street Carnival.

I headed to Chief Ngqoko in New Brighton for the Orbital Love single launch by Lubabalo Majika featuring Lefa Mosea and Ndumiso. I was told to get there by 6pm and saying the event started late is an understatement. But the vibe and music was nice.

By the way, if you’re looking for a place to get wings, make sure you go to Ngqoko. Their wings are ridiculously big, they look like they are on steroids.

After Ngqoko, I headed on to the burbs, Kings Beach that is, for the annual Redd’s Street Carnival where I was surrounded by hotties such as Dash from Dream Team.

I got the shock of my life when I ran into former Boardwalk operations manager, Peter Tshidi. I totally did not expect to see him since he relocated a few months ago up north. But ladies, the man still looks good, better even.

But PE where is the chill? Did you guys really need to break the barriers at Redd’s? Onlookers could see and hear the performances but I suppose other people like being extra.

Screaming fans got more than their money’s worth when Dash briefly took off his jacket, flexing his muscles for the ladies.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping for a photo-op with Nasty were left disappointed because all he did was arrive just in time for his performance and disappeared after.

I had a serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when colleagues flashed photographs of their five-star night at the Radisson Blu on Tuesday. The hotel was launching its new ‘Taste of Tabu’ menu and no expense was spared with canapes served in the Tabu bar and lounge area, the main course under a tent on the roof, topped by dessert in the presidential suite.

Then there was the music: Eppie Angileri serenaded them for the starters, Umle set the tone for the mains, and then Cedric van den Schrik was the sweet finale. The views from the top, they said, were to die for and so romantic. Next time, girls, get your gossip gal on the invite list!

That’s it from me. Until next time darlings, ciao for now!

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