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Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a crafty mom from Uitenhage who writes about DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog JustEllaBella. Today she shows My HeraldLIVE readers how to make DIY paint markers.




I made DIY paint markers for Aidan using empty roll-on deodorant bottles – and it’s all part of trying to de-clutter a little.

You know how we are always crafting at my house? Well, my husband says we are actually always making a mess.

We are very different people – the two of us (think of the movie “Yours, Mine & Ours” and you have Rob and I), so I thought I’d try to play a little neater with this project and create a “minimal mess set” for Aidan’s Craft Box.

To create my DIY paint markers, I needed to decant Aidan’s finger paint into something that wouldn’t spill and the paint wouldn’t get mixed into four little brown blobs as the rinsing of brushes between colours thing has not caught on.

I thought of roll-on bottles because I have a recollection of my mom doing the same for my little sister when she was younger.

The bottles work like large-scale ballpoint pens and I saw you can buy something like this at CNA and craft shops too, in case your not in DIYing.

I expected Aidy to use it like a pen, but he prefers to roll his finger over the ball and finger paint which works for me and gave me an idea for his craft glue.

But first things first: the paint markers.


What I needed:

  • Empty roll-on bottles
  • Finger paint

What you do

  • Remove stickers from the bottles
  • Pop out the balls
  • Wash containers by closing the lid and shaking the bottle with a drop of dishwashing liquid, as this cleans them in a jiffy
  • Leave to dry
  • Fill with paint (I thinned paint with a teaspoon of water)
  • Pop the balls back in and paint
    Yeah US!

This is less spillage but I’d still suggest wearing a smock because no matter how “clothing safe” these paints are, are they ever really?

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