Wide ‘Spectrum’ at exhibit

Artwork by Megan Poisan  in the 'Spectrum: Light, Sound and Colour' group exhibition Picture: Megan Poisat
Artwork by Megan Poisan in the ‘Spectrum: Light, Sound and Colour’ group exhibition Picture: Megan Poisat

A group art exhibition, Spectrum: Light, Sound and Colour, opens on Tuesday, March 7 in Richmond Hill to show the work of new and recent fine art graduates in Port Elizabeth.

Artists Demi Adams, Jubilee Edwards, Ntobeko Mjijwa, Megan Poisat and Midian Thackwray formed a group because they wanted to display their graduate work to a wider audience.

Demi Adams explores the theme of altered childhood memories through her paintings.

The series of paintings are made up of objects and toys from her childhood.

They are painted in a childlike way that could be described as ‘sugar coated’, as the bright candy colours contrast with the mildly distorted objects which give them an eerie appearance.

The virtual and physical space that people used to communicate in are explored in the artworks by Jubilee Edwards.

Hand-cut patterns made from letters and postcards become interactive through the use of light from the viewers’ cell phones, juxtaposing the old and the new ways of communicating; the old craft and new technology.

Ntobeko Mjijwa’s works are portraits of rappers that embody the hip- hop culture.

He breaks with the stereotype presented in the media by using a medium mostly meant for nobility and royalty, oil on canvas.

He has specifically chosen rappers who have had a positive influence in the world through their expression and could or have been elevated to the realm of the academic.

The colourful, expressive work of Megan Poisat are based on her personal struggle with anxiety.

She uses her painting and journals to transfer her anxiety from her mind to the surfaces.

Influenced by automatic mark-making and art therapy, she creates a visual representation of her anxiety; often represented as a character that emerges from the free and expressive marks.

The exhibition also showcases Midian Thackwray’s process to represent hip-hop dance movement within a three-dimensional space by using performative processes to create artworks commissioned for the Missionvale Foundation Phase Building.

A film and photographs of her dance painting process and photographs of the final sculptures will be on display.

The group has decided that 10% of all sales at the exhibition will be donated to the International Woman’s Peace Group.

The exhibition space was made available by the Kamva Leadership Institute, at 56 Mackay Street.

The opening is at 6.30pm and the exhibition is open until March 21, but only at specific times.

Further information from Cross.spectrum.art@gmail.com or on 084-627-2375.

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