‘Breaking the Habit’ film premiere

'Breaking the Habit' premieres on Sunday
‘Breaking the Habit’ premieres on Sunday

Port Elizabeth filmmaker and photographer Ryan Moss presents the premiere of his breakdance documentary Breaking the Habit at Bridge Street Brewery at 6pm on Sunday.

It is the story of B-boying and breakdancing professional Cheslyn Meyer, which Moss captured in the northern areas to inspire the community and help save the youth from the daily challenges they face.

The 21-minute-long film from Urban Cowboys in association with Pastor Justin Oliphant from Awehness Productions takes the viewer through Meyer’s gutsy and inspiring life story and gives viewers an inside understanding of life in Schauderville.

Oliphant, a former finalist in The Herald Citizen of the Year for his community work, also shares his own experiences and insights as well as his own background of B-boying and networking with the community to bring about change.

Moss shares Meyer’s life story and the motivation that led him to want to “break the habit” of hopelessness often seen due to gangsterism, gun violence and substance abuse.

The young dancer represents the new, positive cool. Meyer is a living example of people, passion and purpose as he tries to usher in a new generation of positive skilled thinkers and game changers.

Entrance to the venue is free but donations to Meyer are welcome.

For more information, call Dianne on 084-206-6474 or e-mail dianne@metroevents.co.za.

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