Sopa stars fail to dress for occasion

Hello darlings, it’s me again and I’m ready to bring you all that is juicy (or will make your hair stand on end) in the Bay and beyond! Last Friday, all eyes were on the annual state of the province (Sopa) address in Bhisho.

This is always one of the most prestigious events in the Eastern Cape.

I wonder how many houses are missing their lace curtains, as some of the dresses worn by delegates looked like they had been made out of those very curtains.

Speaking of lace, MEC Thandiswa Marawu’s dress was one that caught my attention.

She looked like someone dressed for church in her yellow outfit paired with a big hat. Dahling, what was your designer thinking?

The UDM’s Nomachule Quvile looked like she was heading to a Valentine’s ball in her red dress. The dress was the exact shade of the red carpet rolled out for the members – and I worried someone was going to step on the MPL by accident.

Oh my word, Pumza Mpushe’s outfit was far too small for her.

Every lump and bump showed, and the ANC MPL struggled to walk in it but, thankfully, she had someone by her side who could at least help her along.

We can’t all be Twiggys, and neither should we try to be, but at least wear something that actually fits!

Last year MEC Pemmy Majodina stole the limelight with her bold red dress and umbrella. This time she chose a green and yellow dress with white umbrella.

I believe the pattern for the dress was brought all the way from Italy. I am sure even her designer struggled to perform miracles with that dress. You should have seen the memes on social media. Some said she looked like a bottle of lemon juice.

It’s OK to be experimental, but mama Pemmy should probably try a more traditional outfit next time – and lose that stupid umbrella!

On Saturday night, I attended the 15SIX’s Valentine’s Show at the Boardwalk and was pleasantly surprised to see it sold out.

7de Laan actor and MC Christo Davids had people laughing throughout the night. The only trouble is it was all in Afrikaans.

Nothing against the language, but he should remember not everyone who paid to see the show will have understood Afrikaans.

Skinners was one of those who felt left out but ended up laughing because everyone else was . . . This is not 7de Laan, boytjie.

There was one opening act and then the 15SIX guys Tera Cox, Keegan Martin and Bevin Samuels gave solo performances.

Cox was the first to perform and he was on fire.

PE’s Samuels also delivered an impressive performance. All the 15SIX guys were wonderful and showed off their powerful voices.

We all are familiar with Loyiso Gijana who was in the top six in the Idols competition in 2015.

But as much as he is also a good singer, it came as a surprise to many to see him performing, as he was not on the poster.

His set closed off for the first session and once back after the break, the emcee announced that 15SIX was going to perform as a group. To our surprise, Cox was not part of the group but Loyiso was. People were screaming “Tera Cox”.

Skinners spotted Cox taking pictures outside with fans, while the show was going on and was called to join the guys on stage.

He did one song with them and then closed off the show with a solo. I must say he is a crowd puller.

But Skinners is intrigued to know what went down as Gijana was not part of the group and then suddenly there he was in Cox’s place. It was a good show but you can’t help but wonder.

This week marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Mendi troupe ship.

In honour of the tragic event, Galerie Noko held an exhibition remembering the Mendi and its brave men. NMB executive mayor Athol Trollip looked surprisingly dashing in his denims, paired with a blazer.

I rather liked seeing this more laid-back version of our mayor.

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