Spice Girl twins are cooking

Standing around the fire is not just a job for the boys‚ and Durban sisters Pretty and Precious Zondo are the proof of it.

The well-groomed twins entered the Ultimate Braai Master as team Spice Girls‚ a nod to their love of spicy food. Pretty is a qualified chef. Precious works in guest relations at the same Durban hotel as her sister. It’s a team made in grilling heaven.

The self-styled “queens” entered the competition — now running on e.tv — because they thought “it would be a great way to go on holiday”. Instead it was a mammoth culture shock. They have had to spend time in the bush and will have to overcome serious challenges.

So for any divas hoping to become Ultimate Braai Masters‚ here’s some feedback from Pretty and Precious before you prepare your designer tongs:

The worst of it:

  • It’ll be a culture shock‚ girls. We had to dig our own toilet. We had to sleep in a tent. The first night the tent kept moving and we thought animals were coming to kill us. It was the wind‚ but still…
  • We had to carry our own stuff. Like‚ seriously. There were no gentlemen on set. I asked one of the guys to pick up 20 litres of water for me and he said “It’s a competition; you are on your own.” How rude is that?
  • I can’t bring myself to explain how we had to bath. All I will say is five litres. Let’s leave it at that. It was torture.
  • We spent a fortune on having our hair done in nice weaves before we went. It’s TV neh? Within a day it stank of fire. We had our makeup with us but what was the point of putting it on? At least we could keep our shades on. We were determined to throw shade at the other contestants. Lol.
  • We also packed the wrong clothes. How should we know you can’t braai in pumps? We were used to standing in the kitchen spicing the meat‚ not heaving shovels full of hot coals in the dark.
  • There was no electricity‚ our batteries went flat and within a day we were no longer able to take selfies. OMG.

The best of it:

  • In the first episode our so-called friend Gugu (Ngobese from The Explorers team) walked across burning coals and her boots caught fire. We only burnt our porridge.
  • We learnt to live outside our comfort zone. We discovered that the world carries on without technology.
  • We came to realise how fortunate we are to live in the city. It was a strain‚ I don’t want to lie‚ but it changed our lives. There are people who have to make do like this every day of their lives and we only had a short taste of these hardships. It didn’t stop us complaining‚ though. Every time we complained Justin (Bonello‚ the host) would say: “It’s a competition. If you don’t like it‚ pack your bags and go.”

So be warned girls: camping is not for cry-babies.

Ultimate Braai Master airs on Sunday nights on e.tv. Catch the repeat on Saturdays at 1pm.

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