Mix of Mr PE and Judy a real treat

Hello darlings, it’s your favourite gossip gal again, ready to give you your weekly dose of umgosi. My week of social shenanigans started off early when I attended the launch of Mr PE Ubermann at Coast at the Boardwalk last Wednesday morning.

Roland Gaspar was his usual funny self as he MC’d the event.

Buli G, Michelle Brown and Gail Brown (no, these two are not related!) were also in attendance.

I’m not sure if I should have taken a little offence or not, but Roland kept referring to the free food, telling people not to lose focus because there would be free breakfast afterwards.

People laughed but I didn’t because I was rather famished, having purposefully missed breakfast at home knowing I was going to eat at this event.

Former Miss Port Elizabeth Valene Sampson looked stunning draped in Jenni Gault Jewellery.

I don’t know how she keeps her body in such good shape. Share the deets girl, share.

Last Friday night I went to Lhu’s Place in Kwanobuhle.

The real cuties only started showing up after midnight, but the music was good and I shook what my mama gave me to the latest house tracks.

It was not as full as it usually is but I suppose people were saving their cents for Saturday.

Tuesday might have been one of the glummest days for singletons like myself, but thank goodness there are men out there who know how to bake, because I received a glitter-sprinkled cupcake with a little heart on it. Anywhoo, enough about that. Late on Tuesday, I went to the Boardwalk to listen to the Caribbean sounds of R & B star Judy Boucher and company.

She still sounded like the original Judy Boucher, only minus the hairstyle we all remember. It was quite a trip down memory lane!

I overheard Mandla Madwara, our former mayoral hopeful, repeatedly asking who Skinnerbek was. I’m not sure what he was planning to do that he didn’t want people to see.

Mr Shakes created a great vibe as the MC and Alistair Izobell and his band from Cape Town gave such an energetic performance they had people up on their feet dancing.

Until next time darlings, ciao!

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