Mi Casa forever, says J’Something

J' Something
J’ Something

Mi Casa lead singer J’Something has come out to clarify questions about the future of the house music band.

J told fans that ever since he announced the opening of his own restaurant‚ he had been flooded with questions about his music career.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether I’m still part of Mi Casa‚” he said.

The singer said the answer was a little obvious.

“Duh! Mi Casa for life. I hope that we stay together for life‚” J said.

J said the popular house music trio were working on new music together.

“My team Mi Casa music had a rocking 2016!

“I tell you the year was mad. 2017, we’re planning on really taking it up a notch . . . building a legacy one day at a time‚” he said.

The artists star is to open his restaurant, Something’s Cooking by J, later this year in Pretoria.

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