Zahara honours late brother with festivities

Zahara hosted a weekend of festivities in her home village Picture: Eugene Coetzee
Zahara hosted a weekend of festivities in her home village Picture: Eugene Coetzee

Zahara’s home village of Phumlani was a hive of activity this weekend as the songbird hosted cultural and sports activities in honour of her late brother.

Her brother, Mbuyiseli Nana Mkutukana, was found dead with multiple bullet wounds near their village in 2014.

It was reported at the time that Mkutukana was an aspiring dancer who had dreams of teaching others in the community, and so Zahara decided two years ago to honour him with the event.

Day one of the weekend activities included modelling, dancing and traditional games with a variety of netball, soccer and rugby matches.

Day two saw more dancing and modelling, a final soccer match and an award ceremony for all the participants, with the sporting winners receiving trophies, medals and cash prizes.

Musical performances by Zahara, the Mkhuthukane Sisters and popular DJ Blomzit Avenue were the highlight of the day.

Event manager Oyama Dyosiba described the weekend as a success.

“It was just beautiful. The weekend was such a huge success which went beyond my expectations,” he said.

“I knew the kids would come out but it was way more than I expected.

“What really surprised me is how parents came out too, not just to watch, but many of them wanted to know how they could assist.

“The participation from the kids was so good and they were so engaging. The soccer match was so packed it was like a national match at the FNB Stadium. Even the rugby too.

“This showed me that there is a hunger for something like this.”

Dyosiba said a total of 10 soccer teams played, including one amateur team made up of older players. There were seven rugby teams and four netball teams – with another amateur team in this category too.

In the community hall, there was dancing and modelling, while some of the other entrants took part in playing traditional African children’s games.

“Apart from the trophies and medals we are giving out, we hope the cash prizes can be put to good use, especially for the soccer teams,” Dyosiba said.

“This money is for them to either distribute among themselves or for the teams to buy kits or see to anything else they need.

“We didn’t get to do much marketing for the event ahead of the day.

“It’s amazing how word quickly spread and resulted in such a glorious turnout.

“We always fear holding events like this in the townships because of those few individuals who can spoil it. But we experienced no such thing.

“Everybody played along nicely.”

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