Your gossip girl is in tune

Hi my lovies, it’s me again – your favourite gossip girl. After last Friday’s Black Friday’s shopping madness, your girl wanted to just relax and enjoy the evening. That’s why I took myself off to the Comedy Felaz show at the Boardwalk Amphitheatre where comedians like Sifiso Nene tickled my funny bone.

Unfortunately, the place was not even filled to half capacity. I’m not too sure where everyone else suddenly had to be, or what they were doing, but the PE public certainly missed out on some good laughs.

What is it with people who always want to stand out from the rest? There was some annoying guy who kept on interrupting the comedians and was just loud, man. I felt kind of bad for his girlfriend because everyone was done with him and his annoying self.

Saturday was too jam-packed for just one person so I delegated some Skinnerbek responsibilities to a willing colleague, who went to the Teetotal Market at the Tramways building.

Unfortunately for organiser Nqabiba Grootbom, the turnout was not too great either. Even so, the stallholders were immensely talented and included Bay fashion designer Asanda Mali, who had crazy discounts.

Meanwhile, Skinnerbek was partying up a storm at the All White Uitenhage Pool Party at Springs Resort, where the main attraction was Metro FM DJ Joe Man.

The poor man must have been cold as he kept on a zipped up tracksuit top. People kept looking at him hoping he would take it off since the sun was high up in the sky.

People seemed to enjoy themselves though, for a pool party, at times the pool was empty. Suppose the ladies did not want to mess with their newly done hair.

It’s never too late to share a bit of juicy details. At the recent Food Truck Friday in the Baakens Valley the weirdest thing happened to me. Some chick with dreadlocks hit on me and I will let you in on a little secret, I kind of liked it!

Whether you are male or female, if you are giving off vibes, I will definitely pick them up. Your Skinnerbek is very much in tune with herself!

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