Angling for 200 columns

The Swartkops estuary at sunset  Picture: Farrel Orton
The Swartkops estuary at sunset Picture: Farrel Orton

Angler Wayne Rudman has written 200 columns for The Herald on his passion

Today I reflect back to when my column was born, mainly as a result of being a finalist in The Herald Citizen of The Year Awards back in 2012, where my writing passion was highlighted.

At that stage I had been writing for other publications about my outdoor interests in hunting and fishing.

I undertook to write this column, not knowing where it was headed. Today is the 200th column and what a journey.

I have corresponded with many anglers from far afield about a vast array of topics.

I have seen many good fish caught and released, which I will add is becoming a fine culture. There are many viewpoints out there – some very conservative and others and to the contrary. One thing is certain – if we don’t care for the environment, it won’t care for humanity.

We have lots to learn about how to manage our environment, especially our fish stocks. They are not as healthy as some believe, however, they can recover quickly with the implementation of the correct management plans.

As I have said before, outright bans and other drastic measures only create hostility, which often results in greater exploitation.

Holidays around the corner

The holidays are around the corner and the little time we have off must be spent as efficiently as possible.

At least we can angle at night, which is also under the spotlight. Night bans are already in place on the Breede River. Fishing at night has its challenges but it is far more productive than beating it out in the sun and wind.

Planning your trip around the tides to fit into your daily routine and responsibilities, is also a challenge.

I have always envied the folk who live near the estuaries and coast who can at the drop- of-a-hat, enjoy a cast, even before work.

Saturday has a prevailing east wind that will turn strong westerly with the change of the high tide at 5.37pm.

This westerly will moderate through the day on Sunday, leaning towards good fishing prospects that night. The outgoing 6.15pm high tide is usually very productive at this time of year.

The lunar phase is such that we are moving from the dark moon (November 30) to a full moon (December 15), so water displacement of the tides is just right at this time.

The wind will turn easterly with the turn of the low tide on Monday, shortly after midnight.

Pink prawn would be the selection of bait at this stage, along with sardine as back-up, or in combo. There have been good grunter caught in the estuaries around the bay, with some notable sizes too and some notable sizes have taken hook.

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