Good time to fish in a fresh new area

Chris Schoultz with a Swartkops Cob caught recently Picture: supplied
Chris Schoultz with a Swartkops Cob caught recently Picture: supplied

Most anglers are already busy with plans for that well-earned holiday that is almost on our doorstep. Fishing in an area that is out of normal reach must surely be a highlight for the year.

Fishing for other species has its rewards too. Angling in a different environment, for instance on a freshwater or deep sea trip for a change, rather than from the rock and surf or estuary that you might be accustomed to, is also quite exhilarating.

Generally angling has not been too bad of late. Some good fish are being landed in the Kromme at present, which usually goes flat after the arrival of holiday-seekers who create a lot of water traffic.

I look forward to my own February trip that is in its planning stages. The wind is favourable at that time of year and conditions are back to normal and settled down by then. That time of year lends itself to good live bait angling where respectable catches of kob and garrick can be expected.

There is nothing more exciting to me than a pickup on live bait. Many anglers, in the beginning, make the mistake to strike too soon and lose the fish before the bait is properly taken. The line: “God save the Queen”, said slowly, is about as long as you need to give that fish before you engage. By then the bait has been well positioned and is being swallowed.

Art-lure angling is also very productive at this time of year.

The migratory species pass our bay area as they move south, creating opportunity even for the novice angler. Now is the time. Get the wind in your favour and give it a try.

Today’s photo is of maestro art-lure angler Chris Schoultz with a kob caught recently on the Swartkops River. Chris regularly catches good-sized fish on the Swartkops. These are fish that dwell there; they are seldom caught on cut baits, but enjoy the plastic look-alikes!

The weekend of February 11 and 12 next year sees the Sundays River Classic being hosted by the Sundays River Angling Club. This is a measure-and-release competition with respectable cash prizes. Registration takes place on Friday the 10th with a social evening. This competition is open to all anglers and fishing is permitted from the banks too.

This weekend we are plagued by an east wind with a falling barometer, which does not suggest good angling prospects. A strong westerly on Monday moderating, towards dusk, could produce a fish or two after work. Generally the barometer is expected to be high this coming week with favourable wind conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.

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