Social calendar filling up

What a frenetic week it has been for your glamorous gossip girl and, with the holidays nearly upon us, my social schedule is sure to intensify even more in the weeks to come. I started my weekend by hot-footing it to the first-ever Food Truck Friday in the Baakens Valley last Friday, only to discover everyone and their aunty had the same idea.

While Skinner does not relish standing in any queue for ages on end, the fact that the event attracted such a solid crowd is surely a sign this could become a wonderful new concept for the Bay. Well done to organisers Jan du Plessis, of Werk, and Grant Foong, of Foong’s Asian Street Food. Let’s round up all our food trucks, tuk-tuks and trailers during the coming holiday so we can impress the visitors with our Bay foodie talent!

I spent last Saturday afternoon chilling at Ibhayi Tshisanyama in Motherwell NU 29. Most of the guys were dressed in white T-shirts and blue jeans. The place has been rather dead lately and it felt good to have the old vibe back again. Of course there were a few oldies who saw the need to bore us with the inevitable Zuma/Gupta topic – hello, we didn’t go there for a lesson in politics!

Owner Bongani Mabusela was his usual bubbly self, but yours truly was disappointed with the meat. They should bring back the sauce they used before, because what I ate tasted like I had braaied the meat myself. Skinner has many talents, but braaing is not one of them.

Later that night I waltzed my sexy behind to the launch of the Fairview Community Sport Centre. Comedian Boeta B (Kurt Terblanche) had everyone in stitches, but yours truly missed out on some of the jokes because they were in Afrikaans.

Former South African netball captain Zanele Mdodana’s glittery black-on-grey dress was a bit of a flop. She has a stunning body and the dress did not do it any justice at all.

Some of Skinner’s colleagues chose to spend their Saturday night at Jason Kieck’s super-glitzy do in aid of the Igazi Foundation.

Jason’s annual fashion showcase, Elemental , at the Boardwalk Convention Centre,was a hit, as usual. Skinner’s spy at the function saw the likes of Ryk Neethling, Dale Steyn and our mayor, Athol Trollip, who was accompanied by his new bride.

On Monday it was time for the year-end bash of Medirian Wines and Michelle Brown’s Wine to Your Door club. The GFI gallery in Park Drive was transformed for the function and the initially sedate guests quickly grew louder and louder. We were told any artworks damaged would have to be paid for in full, but luckily everyone behaved just enough!

Meridian’s handsome Nick Hafner spoilt us with a tasting of some fabulous wines and bubbly.

With all the Christmas parties coming up your Skinnerbek is getting ready to celebrate!

Another highlight this past week was a lightning trip to spy out the new season of The Voice in Jozi… more about that soon, since Skinner has been sworn to secrecy for now!

Ciao, my darlings. I’m off to shop for some killer heels since it is Black Friday.

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