Baby’s best multi-taskers


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ella2311I feel that it’s safe to say most of us are way more organised when it comes to shopping for baby than we are when it comes to shopping for ourselves. Chances are you will run out of make-up remover way before you run out of baby wipes (Is that just me? hmmm).

So I compiled a list of products you can grab from the baby bag when you are in a pinch and I hope that you will indulge me by telling me your own favourites.

1. Sudocrem: Back in our nappy-wearing days, sudocrem was my preferred bum cream.

I’ve been lucky that Aidan has had only one incident of bad nappy rash in his little life and this stuff nipped it in the bud. Sudocrem is awesome and it works for mommy too; bites, irritations, anything … I’m a huge fan. (PS, some beauty bloggers even use it as a make-up primer!)

2. Baby Wipes: These make great makeup removers when you run out, and on-the-go they act as a hand sanitiser.

3. Elizabeth Anne’s special shampoo: Ran out of shaving gel? Quick, grab this, it works great and leaves your skin feeling nice and moisturised. It’s said to be great for stretch marks as well, although I never tried it myself.

4. Organics Kids Detangling Spray: I have such tangly hair. When it’s straightened, my hair is like, “No! we will not conform!!!” Then I’m like, “here have some of Aidan’s Funtangly and be detangled!!!” and it works, I swear by the stuff.

5. Coconut oil: This isn’t technically a baby product but I use it on Aidan’s dry skin and hair, it’s kind of an everything product in my house; cooking, skin, hair “Everybody Now!!!! coconut oil for president!!!”

6. Johnson’s Baby oil gel: You know how you are not supposed to sleep with make-up on?
You know that yesterday’s eyeliner doesn’t count as smokey eye just because you slept in it? Dabbing this on a cotton ball removes eye make-up, which is awesome.

These are my favourite multitaskers, what are yours?

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