‘Stogie T’ represents growth- Tumi Molekane

Tumi Molekane makes a musical return as 'Stogie T' Picture: Moeletsi Mabe
Tumi Molekane makes a musical return as ‘Stogie T’ Picture: Moeletsi Mabe

What’s in a name?

A lot, according to controversial hip-hop heavyweight Tumi Molekane, who is making a musical comeback as Stogie T.

Molekane, who was part of the band The Volume, has a new self-titled album featuring, among other artists, AKA and Emtee. It will be launched on Friday next week.

“Stogie T is another word for a cigar. But it means way more than that to me. Growth, change, freedom and new beginnings.

“I was exploring a different sound to more aptly reflect where I was in my life. I felt that my name created a very obvious barrier for some so I made the flip,” said Stogie T.

He came under fire two years ago for his video In Defence of My Art. It showed Molekane holding two leashed women down on all fours.

He said the video represented “battles my people and family have gone through”.

Now he claims to have shed “some of the seriousness”, though his music still offers a “perfect balance of depth, consciousness and new-generation hip-hop”.

The album is “a true indicator of the success of the genre”.

He kicks off a national tour at Bassline in Newtown tonight. — Suthentira Govender

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