Kids love Hatchimal toy

A new craze has hatched in the toy industry and is flying off the shelves worldwide.

Hatchimals – dubbed the top toy seller for 2016 – have proven to be so popular that toy retailers worldwide are pulling out all the stops to meet the high demand.

The highly interactive furry creatures, which have captured the imagination of children, have sold out globally, leaving parents desperately scrambling to buy the last few available at retailers.

In South Africa, toy retailer Toys R Us has experienced an influx of enquiries from customers querying the availability of the speckled toy egg, which hatches to produce one of five bird-like species.

“Hatchimals have been extremely popular and the demand continues to grow nationwide but at this stage most of our stores are sold out with the exception of only a few, which have limited stock available,” says Nicole Annells, marketing manager, Toys R Us South Africa.

Due to the global shortage of this year’s most sought after toy, it is likely that those consumers who have yet to purchase a Hatchimal will not have one under the Christmas tree this festive season.

According to Annells, tech and interactive toys continue to dominate the market; however, this year Hatchimals have proven to be the front runner.

The Hatchimals toy experience begins with children nurturing the egg prompting the hatching process. Thereafter “tapping” and “pecking” motions occur from within the plastic egg until it cracks open making way for the bird-like creature to emerge.

Following the excitement of the hatched Hatchimal, the furry animatronic creature can be further taught to walk, talk and play interactive games with its owner.

“The entire “come-to-life” experience is truly amazing for children. It begins from the connection with the children through nurturing the egg, which thereafter presents the most wonderful bonding and magical encounter,” says Annells.

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