Logie set to launch

Bartle Logie launches his eighth book next week Picture: Mike Holmes
Bartle Logie launches his eighth book next week Picture: Mike Holmes

Retired Woodridge Preparatory School principal Bartle “Bart” Logie is launching his eighth book next week in St Francis Bay. St Francis Bay publishing facilitator Write-On Publishing will present the launch of Logie’s new book Tales from an Unmapped Country at the St Francis Links on November 21 at 6pm.

NMMU botany professor Richard Cowling will be the guest speaker.

The adventurer, historian and raconteur began writing about this region of the country 20 years ago, but has spent more than 40 years in the Eastern Cape and has a family history in the area that dates back to the mid-19th century.

Logie’s latest offering follows, to a large extent, the pattern established in his previous books: research, both on the ground and from reference material, and an easy, personal story-telling style.

Tales from an Unmapped Country however, is slightly different as it is a book of two journeys: one through the Border area of the Eastern Cape and the eastern fringes of the Karoo, and the other, a personal one through memories of the author’s youth.

Inspired by his friend Kain Sisusa, Bartle and wife Caryl set out to revisit familiar places to see how, if at all, they had changed.

Both journeys offer up insights into places and people, and, into the character of the author.

Write-On Publishing has taken over publication of Logie’s work after his previous publisher, Colin Urquhart of Bluecliff Publishing, retired.

Write-On asks interested people to RSVP to info@stfrancislinks.com or call (042) 200-4500.

They also suggests that those attending the launch may also choose to make a reservation for dinner in the St Francis Links restaurant for after the event.

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