PE’s got the ‘write’ stuff

Hello, my darlings. It’s that time of the week when you get to know who was where and who did what with whom.

Last Friday night, I went to the opening of Our Writers’ Network, a writers’ workshop hosted by Bay creative writer Xolisa Ngubelanga, just to help me come up with more creative ways to bring you the juiciest stories.

Bay playwright and actor Xabiso Zweni was there. I suppose he’s working on a new script or something, or maybe he was just supporting the creator of the event.

Last Saturday, I headed to the Bridge Street Music Festival in the Baakens Valley, where a cute band called Opposite the Other gave a stellar performance and had the crowd going wild.

Do we have a new One Direction for the Bay, ladies? This lot certainly had the looks. Bay hottie Alex Cavan had me swooning.
Any white boy with dreadlocks does not need to try very hard with me, I tell you. I think all the ladies would agree when I say he is hot.

It’s always good seeing and meeting new faces and Bridge Street Brewery seems to be going from strength to strength.

By Sunday afternoon I was beat, so Skinners’ little spy went to the PE Opera House Jazz Afro Sunday session, where Indian musician Mahesh Narotam gave an incredible performance.

It was nice to see there music lovers from all cultures supporting this event. This is one of the many reasons I love this city and I applaud the Opera House for providing such a fantastic platform for our local artists.

Make it a no-holds-barred weekend until we meet again next week!

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