Cheeky advert spoofs Trump

Chilli Kadhai restuarant congratulates Donald Trump with a meal
Chilli Kadhai restuarant congratulates Donald Trump with a special meal

A restaurant in Durban has come up with a cheeky dish to take the mickey out of US president-elect Donald Trump.

Chilli Kadhai in Durban posted the special of “kitchari and dry fish chutney with boiled egg” on their Facebook page on Thursday.

Kitchari is a dish made with rice‚ butter‚ dhal and whole spice and is traditionally served with a dried fish chutney and boiled eggs. It is best enjoyed on a cold or rainy day.

Co-owner and chef‚ Anasia Govender who is also a stand-up comedian wrote: “To congratulate the new USA President we have on special a meal that epitomises him. Indulge in our Delicious Kitchari as Golden? as his hair. Chutney as Orange as his Face. Dry Fish as Fishy as his Promises. With a Boiled Egg as Oval as his new Office.”

She said that the difference was that while Trump’s “ignorance of policy and racism will leave you nauseous and grumpy‚” their famous dish would leave people satisfied and happy.

Govender said she decided to make the dish on Thursday‚ as it was cold and rainy in Durban.

“After I had cooked the dish and I took a picture to post on Facebook‚ I thought immediately of that moron‚ Trump‚ and was inspired to write the cheeky post.”

Govender said the post had received a number of likes and phone calls. — TMG Digital/The Times

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