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My three-year-old son’s best friend is a one-and-a-half-year-old busy body named Caleb.

Aidan and his cousin Caleb are inseparable, seeing how seamlessly they fit into each other’s lives it is hard to believe how scared we were of Aidan’s reaction to the new addition to our family.

The two of them do fight like crazy, but that is to be expected, as they spend so much time together. My sister lives with my parents right next door to us.

When Caleb’s birth drew near I knew we would have to handle this like a sibling situation. My mom would be watching them both so Aidan would need to be prepped.

He was pretty excited at the news (well as much as a one-year-old could be).

My sister/His Godmother, who he is very close with, told him she had a baby in her tummy. (This lead to him lifting people’s tops and asking if there were babies in there-AWKWARD!)

I even caught him sticking his bottle into his belly button to “feed the baby” so the actual thought of the baby went down well.

My concern was with feeling replaced – We are a very close-knit family and not being the only baby anymore would certainly be felt…

So I knew I had to prepare him.

– We told him about the new baby and let him chose some of his “old things” for the baby. This made him feel rather grown up.
– His crib went to the new baby, but we made sure to change the colour and theme of the new baby’s space and even had him “donate” a teddy for the baby’s crib while playing up the “big boy, who sleeps in his own bed” thing.

Other tips we received and incorporated into the transition were:

– Getting him involved in “helping out” by doing things like bringing the baby’s bottle, handing a blanket and so forth
– Making a fuss of the “big brother” or in this case “big cousin” status (it is an important job you know)
– Spending one on one time with him; some time, where he did not have to share the limelight.
– Just Love and stop worrying, hehehe

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