Gospel star Mbambo in PE

Ntokozo Mbambo

Award-winning gospel star Ntokozo Mbambo is in Port Elizabeth this week to promote her latest album Spirit and Life, and will perform numbers from it in Motherwell tomorrow.

Umlazi based Mbambo will be singing at the launch of fellow gospel singer Andile B’s latest album, Nguwe, at the NU2 Motherwell Hall.

Mbambo outlined how she chose her album title and direction.

“This inspiration basically comes from the word of God in the bible found in John [chapter] 6, verse 63,” she said in an interview this week.

“ So I just basically wanted to have an album that would revive people’s spirits and encourage their spirits and also just bring life, you know, in a dying world and bring hope in a hopeless world.”

Spirit and Life hit the shelves late last year and is the fourth album Mbambo has released since she joined the industry as a teenager. Today she is married to Nqubeko Mbatha – her favourite producer – and they have two children.

While she has touched many hearts with her music before, Mbambo said this album was the closest to her own heart not because it was new but she regards it as her testimony to a lot of phases she went through in preparation for the album.

Moreover, she has a “very special attachment to the album because it was the first album that we actually own ourselves under our record company Koko Records”.

Featured in the album are, of course, Mbatha as well as award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer Joe Mettle and Bushbuckridge-born songbird Mabongi Mabaso. Gospel rapper Cjay brings a hip-hop sound to the album.

Even though she finds it hard to pick her favourite song from the album, Mbambo said her fans have shown a great response to Khululeka, Wena Wedwa, and Jehovah is Your Name.

The former Joyous Celebration Member said she also drew inspiration every day.

“I’m inspired by so many people, you know, it’s hard to pick out. There are moments whereby you would find inspiration from even someone that you meet on the road, or just a random person that I see in a mall who just gets super-excited and they share with me their testimony. That for me is inspiration,” she said.

“That is God’s way of letting people know that he has them in the palm of his hand.”

Although Mbambo uses her voice to encourage her fans, she said she also had days when she also needs that herself. Then she turns to her favourite scripture, which is Galatians chapter 6 verse 9 for motivation.

“In those moments where I am so discouraged, it [the verse] reminds me that I shouldn’t get tired of being in line with [God’s] purpose for my life.

“I shouldn’t get tired [of] being that encouragement to other people because at the end of the day he promises that in due season, if I don’t give up, then I’ll reap a harvest. That’s a promise that I hold on to in moments whereby everything just seems like it’s falling apart.”

Urging her fans to buy the album, Mbambo also added that she is currently working on a project that she will deliver, possibly at the end of this month or early in December.

“It’s something very hush-hush. So people can stay tuned to my social media or they can subscribe to my website and watch this space,” she said.

Spirit and Life is available on iTunes, and in music stores.

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