Pre-wedding workout


We all want to look stunning on our wedding day. Whether we are brides through and through, donning princess gowns and tiaras or the more demure kind, rocking a body hugging mermaid gown and with a floral crown in our hair, looking flawless on our wedding day is important because we want to look back on such a wonderful day and think that we looked our absolute best.

Looking flawless does come at a price but the kind of price we pay will determine how healthy and strong we feel and look on our wedding day and the weeks leading up to it.

So many brides make the mistake of cutting down on major food groups to lose weight fast but rather than going to extreme and having your skin, your hair and your energy suffer from it, choose instead to lose major weight by working out.

Half an hour to one hour a day for 4 to 5 days a week doing intense cardio and strength training, paired with a balance diet, is the best way you can lose weight and look amazing on your wedding day. The following are the workouts you can try to hit specific areas in your body.


Some people love it, while others absolutely dread it but regardless of your preference, high intensity cardio can help you shed major weight throughout your whole body.

Incorporate high intensity workouts at least three times during your week and go for high intensity sessions leading up to the big day so you can push your body.

Jumping rope, boxing class, as well as indoor cycling will accelerate your heart rate and push every muscle in your body.

You can also join a High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit) class if you need someone to push you to your limits. Research has shown that, “HIIT has been shown to burn adipose tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise — up to 50% more efficiently.”


Ab work

If it’s a tight fitting, silhouette enhancing wedding dress you are wearing for your big day, then working on your abs is what you can focus on, together with cardio, so that you won’t need to squeeze into Spanx on that day.

The best part of ab workouts is that you don’t need a full hour to see results, rather, it is about choosing effective moves that, paired with cardio, will strengthen the abs and give you a flat tummy.

Yoga is a great workout to get strong abs. Poses like the bridge pose and tree pose are just two poses you can do to work on your abs. Doing a 5-minute yoga sequence every day, where you do poses focusing on your core will help in toning your midsection for a flat and strong midriff area.

brideThe arms

Often, brides frown upon the excess fat on their arms, especially when their wedding dress is a strapless design or it comes with delicate and sheer lace sleeves.

It can be tricky to tone this part of the body, even if you are a cardio junkie but there are effective ways you can get lean and toned arms.

While weights always help, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has come up with an effective arm workout that has redefined the shape of many arms including those of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Using a combination of arm weight and other weight, Anderson’s arm workout takes no more than ten minutes to perform and she recommends doing it four to six times a week.

It can be hard to find time to workout during such a busy time in your life and yet, a combination of high intensity cardio, abs and arm exercises will not only help in making you look amazing on your wedding day but you will get to relieve stress along the way.


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