Ntsiki Mazwai slams Anele Mdoda’s Real Talk

Ntsiki Mazwai
Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai has no time for Anele’s Real Talk. In fact‚ she believes that she would not only be a better host than Anele‚ but jokes that she would be better than Oprah too!

Just days after praising Anele’s Real Talk interview with Pearl Thusi‚ the outspoken musician criticised the show’s host for hogging the spotlight.

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda Picture: Veli Nhlapo

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday‚ Ntsiki claimed that the show’s problem is that Anele just can’t stop talking about herself‚ and called on the show’s producers to sit Anele down and tell her that it’s not all about her.

“She can up her game …we don’t wanna hear about her family. Not interested‚” Ntsiki later added.

In fact‚ Ntsiki believed that she would do a much better job than Anele‚ and joked that she would surpass Oprah!

Ntsiki also suggested that she had been approached to host a TV talk show before she started studying‚ but turned it down.

We would definitely watch a talk show hosted by Ntsiki: it would be lit

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