Mi Casa vows to return to Botswana

Mi Casa members, from left, Mo-T, J'Something and Dr. Duda Picture: Veli Nhlapo
Mi Casa members, from left, Mo-T, J’Something and Dr. Duda Picture: Veli Nhlapo

Mi Casa members are optimistic about returning to Botswana‚ despite experiencing a nightmare of a trip to the country this past weekend.

The group‚ who were set to perform for fans‚ had to cancel their show in the country after a “dodgy” promoter allegedly messed them around and left them stranded.

The group’s frontman‚ J’Something, took to Twitter on Saturday to explain why the band was a no-show.

He explained how the group had arrived at the airport, only to be picked up over an hour late. They were taken to do a sound check‚ with the event set to start in only a few minutes.

The group decided to leave the hotel, only to discover that they would have to pay for their hotel stay and for the flight home too.

Despite this‚ the group have assured their fans that they would be back.

“We apologise to the people we disappointed. Right now I am on chat with Ollie from Botswanacraft to organize a proper show soonest‚” J’Something tweeted.

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