New Chicky’s Yard proves truly trendy

From craft beers to celebrating one of the city’s most formidable schools, Skinnerbek sure was a bunny, hopping from one event to the next, especially last Saturday.

Last Friday night, however, I opted to stay in, revive and rejuvenate myself for the weekend ahead, planning my outfits for the two completely different events I was going to attend the next day.

The city’s Craft Brew and Food Fest was a blast, with more than 20 beers on tap at two different bar areas.
We liked the new “Chicky’s Yard” upstairs at the back of the Werk warehouse in the Baakens Valley: this precinct is truly trendy.

In fact, there were so many hipsters with facial fuzz downing the frosties – not to mention pouring the brew too – that perhaps it should be renamed the Craft Beard Fest.

The festival also had good support from Stanley Street foodie and party girls like Carol-Jean Fourie and Carole Law, among those who raved about how much fun the festival was.

Late on Saturday night, I went to celebrate Cowan High School’s 70th anniversary at ETC, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who, including our former finance minister Trevor Manuel, who is actually taller than I imagined him to be.

Wow, former deputy mayor Bicks Ndoni looked sleek in his fitted navy suit. Gone are the days of dull, oversized suits (I swear Danny Jordaan had a mandate for oversized suits because they were all drowning in those ghastly things, looking like they needed seamstresses to come and tuck everything in its place).

Trevor was all too happy to pose for selfies with everyone.
Nqaba Bhanga: a tie never killed anyone. And can someone please tell Sylvester Funani that he does not always have to laugh as hard as he does. Yes, we see you, brother; yes, you look good, brother; now please take a seat.

It would seem like my weekends are ending off on a jazzy note lately as on Sunday I went to the Opera House’s Jazz Afro Sundays session where poet Lelethu Mahambehlala, popularly known as PoeticSoul, did her thing.

The turnout was impressive and the girl was on fire.
Skinners did not know she had dance moves like that up her sleeve since we mostly know her for being good with words, but she gave us some impressive moves indeed.
Those in attendance included designer turned Facebook video star Asanda Mali. If you have not seen her videos, go out and check them because they are hilarious and that girl knows how to stick it to them men too!

It leaves me wondering what her own man thinks of it all.

Until next time darlings… Ciao!


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Cowan High School’s 70th anniversary celebrations

The Food
Guests enjoyed a three-course meal which included pudding with cherries Picture: Mark West
Guests enjoyed a three-course meal which included pudding with cherries Picture: Mark West

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