An insight into artistic collectives

Artists Taryn Mackay and Athi Mongezeleli Joja are contributing to Inyanda: Creativity and Community, on Saturday at the ArtEC gallery in Bird Street.

Fellow artist Nompumezo Gubevu is presenting Inyanda, an insight into artistic collectives, as part of her residency and research project with Visual Arts Network of South Africa (Vansa).

Port Elizabeth art collective 4 Blind Mice – self-styled “conquerors of eyeballs” – and Johannesburg duo Alphabet Zoo will also take part. Alphabet Zoo, the traditional printmaking artists who formed a street-culture ’zine and 4 Blind Mice say they are “looking forward to some creative chaos” on Saturday.

Mackay will speak on “Who should ask for pardon and who can grant it?” and Joja’s address is on “Serial Symptoms: Black Art Collectives and the Perennial Social Crisis”.

Gubevu said: “The success of the iNyanda (a bundle of fire wood) is depended on various factors – how much wood one has gathered, the location, the type of wood. Moreover whether or not the iNyanda stays put is depended on how the different sticks and broken branches are placed in the bunch. The strength of the binding will also determine how comfortable it is for the gatherer to transport.”

Inyanda is at noon on Saturday. For further information call (041) 585-3641.

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