Interview eating etiquette

Leafy left-overs in your teeth are not very impressive

Have you ever thought that what you eat might affect your business pitch, job interview or presentation?

When it comes to interviews, just like dressing the part has an impact, believe it or not so does what you eat and drink.

As an entrepreneur, pitching is part of your job description. Engen Pitch & Polish brings you some foodie tips to ensure you are always on point.

  • Saucy dishes: avoid meals where there is even a small possibility of the sauce ending up on your clothing.
  • Leafy leftovers: spinach or lettuce stuck in your teeth are very distracting, keep your smile clean.
  • Garlic and onion: you may think the smell is faint but it infuses the room and turns the investors off.
  • Beer and coke: both can make you burp in the middle of your pitch, and embarrass you.
  • Alcohol: smelling of it from the night before or before your presentation impresses no-one and gives a poor impression of the seriousness with which you are participating.

How you present yourself is as important as how you present your pitch.

Look crisp, clean, wide-eyed, eager and alert; make certain, when you check for food stains on your clothes and strong aromas from your body, that there aren’t any and that the impression you’re going to leave on the investors will be an excellent holistic one, covering all the positive aspects of yourself physiologically and intellectually.

This is your chance, as a well-groomed and fresh-smelling contender, to present a perfectly polished pitch and get the desired response from investors or prospective employers.

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