New Hoppe windmill book

Max and Sue Hoppe
Max and Sue Hoppe Picture: Nomazima Nkosi

That intrepid couple from Richmond Hill, Max and Sue Hoppe, are launching their new book on windmills The Climax Collection 2 this week in Port Elizabeth.

Fogarty’s Book Shop is holding the launch at Savages Fine Foods in Park Drive, Central on Thursday, October 13 at 5.30pm.

Max and Sue’s first book, The Climax Collection: The Secret Life of Windmills, was a naughty look which played on the sexual innuendoes of the words Climax and windpumps, and their second, Travels (Troubles) with Koos, was an equally delightful travelogue of their road trips around the country in their car, dubbed Koos.

Both have sold extremely well and now the Hoppes have launched their own indie-publishing business, El Gecko Publishing, which also is an online store selling 10 e-books on their travels.

They have an amazing zest for life and are known not only for their books but also their photography and Sue’s art.

“While the first book looked at what windmills might get up to when they think we aren’t looking, this sequel suggests some songs windmills might sing when they think we aren’t listening,” say the Hoppes.

The Climax Collection 2 is also full of photographs, imaginatively linked to songs that they match to the visuals. Hence, you might see a windmill in a field of agave plants, matched with a song title like Tequila Sheila, or Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust linked to a fallen windmill.

Like their first book, it’s great fun and, because they have included the location of each windmill, you actually can track them down if you are travelling the same highways and byways taken by Max and Sue.

There seems to be no stopping them: titles such as More Travels (Troubles) with Koos and Travels Abroad are already waiting and ready to print and if you can’t wait, you can buy the e-editions at this week’s launch. One guest at the launch can also win a copy of all the e-books.

RSVP to Rhoda,, (041) 368-1425.

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