Spray parks for cooling off

Cape Town is gearing up to switch on five recreational “spray parks” for residents to cool off during the school holidays and summer.

The parks consist of several water spray features‚ water guns and cannons that children can use to spray their friends in an open space.

“In light of the strict water restrictions‚ I would also like to assure residents that spray parks use much less water than swimming pools‚” the city’s Mayoral Committee member for community services‚ councillor Anda Ntsodo said on Monday.

“This water is recirculated through the spray park after being treated through a process similar to that of a swimming pool filtration system.

“We are aware that water is a scarce resource and have therefore committed to exploring innovative designs for water-based recreation from a sustainability perspective.

“The ability to turn spray parks on and off easily and the recirculation of water makes them water-wise facilities.”

The parks are situated at Khayelitsha‚ Nyanga‚ Valhalla Park‚ Ocean View and Scottsville.

They feature toddler sections‚ where soft spray is unintimidating.

For older visitors‚ there are a series of overhead buckets which slowly fill with water and unexpectedly overturn and drench people below. — TMG Digital

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