Zahara gives guitars to girls

In an emotionally-charged interview with TshisaLive‚ Zahara revealed that she’s taken her annual charity drive‚ The Blooming Flower in honour of her late brother‚ to new heights.

Zahara’s younger brother‚ Mbuyiseli “Nana” Mkutukana was tragically shot and killed in July last year in their village in the Eastern Cape.

The songstress started the initiative of donating guitars to impoverished girls where she grew up in Phumlani village.

This year Zahara has joined forces with the Department of Arts and Culture‚ and will be taking the project to townships and villages across the country.

An emotional Zahara explained that giving back means a lot to her and is a way of keeping her brother’s memory alive.

“To me a guitar is a symbol of hope. No matter what is going on in my life‚ I pick up a guitar and I see a new thing that’s going to happen‚” she said.

Zahara took a trip down memory lane remembering her humble beginnings and how picking up a guitar lifted her spirits‚ and made her believe in a better future.

“I remember when I wrote the song My Guitar on my first album Loliwe. I felt like ‘all my friends are in tertiary‚ they are good and I’m the only one who is poor‚ who doesn’t even have shoes.’ But then when I picked up my guitar and played‚ I felt like ‘you know what‚ it doesn’t matter‚ the timing of God is going to come’.”

Zahara fought back tears as she told TshisaLive that if she had leave this earth‚ she wants to be remembered for the change she made.

“Five years from now‚ even if I leave the earth‚ if I’m remembered by the girl next door‚ I want to be remembered as someone who changed lives“.

The Blooming Flower drive is set to take place until the end of November‚ but Zahara will still be returning to Phumlani where she will hand out guitars before the end of the month.

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