Bobby steps into feud

Afrikaans pop singer Bobby van Jaarsveld has stepped into the heated social media feud between his mother and Karlien van Jaarsveld’s ex-husband Derick Hougaard‚ telling Derick to stop his “obsession” with Karlien.

Bobby‚ who is Karlien’s brother‚ took to Twitter on Monday to lambaste Derick for disrespecting the family.

“You will not talk to my mother and my sister. This stops now! Leave our family alone. Karlien has moved on. You should too‚” Bobby tweeted Derick directly.

Derick Hougaard faced abuse from social media after weekend reports claimed that he had begged Karlien for her wedding ring back.

According to Rapport‚ Derick begged Karlien for the R100 000 ring because he claimed she had no further use for it‚ and also suggested she sell it to invest in their children’s future.

Karlien’s mom and manager Ronel took to Twitter shortly after the reports broke to tell Derick that she would personally deliver the ring if it would stop him from ranting about his and Karlien’s relationship.

As the story went viral‚ a Twitter firing squad took to the social media site to take shots at Derick‚ accusing him of being “a small man” and always involving himself in the Van Jaarsveld family.

Under-siege Derick shut down suggestions that he had contacted the paper to tell them his demands and claims to be just as angry about the reports as Karlien.

He also hit back at Karlien’s mother‚ saying that 30-year-old Karlien was old enough to fight her own battles and also jokingly offered Ronel a 5% finder’s fee for bringing his things back.

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