Enhle ‘too driven’ to just be Black Coffee’s wife

It’s no secret that Black Coffee literally has the world at his feet (and his passport). And while it is known that he often takes his family with when he’s on a world tour‚ he made it clear that his wife Enhle doesn’t just follow him around‚ but also goes out to pursue her own dreams whenever they’re not in the country.

Speaking to Tbo Touch on Touch Central‚ the world-renowned DJ revealed that when his family was based in Los Angeles during his most recent tour‚ Enhle furthered her studies‚ which saw her completing two courses.

“She did two different courses while she was there‚ and aced both of them‚” he told Touch.

Continuing to gush over his wife‚ Black Coffee explained that Enhle is not only focused on being a wife and making it a career‚ asserting that “she’s too driven” for that.

“It’s not like she’s just following me around‚ and waiting for me. So while she’s there‚ she’s also doing her own thing. At the end of the day that’s what I want. I don’t want her to just follow and wait for me. I want her to do everything that‚ before we met‚ she wanted to do‚ at the end of the day.”

Black Coffee also admitted that his demanding music career makes it hard for him to spend sufficient time with his family‚ but with Enhle by his side‚ they always manage to make it work.

“It is one of those things I can never say ‘I got it’. Every time it’s time to tour‚ we try to make it work. This is why I literally take my whole family with me. And even though I take them with me‚ I still have to go‚ you know‚ and travel and come back to them when I can.”

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