‘Noem My Skollie’ sent to Oscars

Dann-Jaques Mouton plays Abraham in 'Noem My Skollie: Call Me Thief'
Dann-Jaques Mouton plays Abraham in ‘Noem My Skollie: Call Me Thief’

South Africa is planning to send a skollie to the Oscars.

The film, Noem My Skollie, has been selected as the official South African entry for the 2017 Academy Awards in the category Best Foreign Film.

The film, based on the life of scriptwriter John Fredericks, is set in the world of prison gangs and the number system.

Noem My Skollie tells Fredericks’ story during the 1960s on the Cape Flats and how he used his gift of storytelling to avoid joining the prison gang system.

Ultimately a story about the triumph of the human spirit, it is also the directional debut of Daryne Joshua and showcases a powerful score by Cape Town musician Kyle Shepherd.

Crying as he relayed his feelings, Fredericks, now 70, said the selection was great.

“I’m elated and proud that my film has been chosen, I’ve achieved the impossible dream . . . I have a miniature Oscar trophy on my desk and now it could be a reality,” he said. Joshua was equally proud and said even though the road to the Oscars was long, being selected meant more international exposure for the film and South Africa.

“You can’t pre-empt the success of a film but when I read the script I knew it would move people. The great thing is that members of the academy and prestigious producers will watch the film, so even if we don’t make it, they would’ve watched it and so the film becomes a calling card,” Joshua said.

M-Net Channels director Jan du Plessis said: “It’s a film the world needs to see.”

It has been seen by more than 32 000 people in South Africa.

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