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We love to craft

Aidan and I love to craft … I am extremely blessed to have my own little craft space and Aidan is pretty lucky that I don’t lock him out completely.

He knows what is completely off-limits like fabric markers and blades and what he can use … stamps and off-cuts of paper or felt.

I have had a lot of people ask me for advice on setting up a craft box for their kid and I thought I would share our basic 6. Here goes

1. Paper scraps


I keep leftover wrapping paper, gift bags and the like for him to use. The uses are endless and it’s recycling so a double win.

2. Glue

We use the school grade white glue for “heavy duty projects” but I mostly let him use a glue stick because at the end of the day he is only three and I’m not a fan of the cleaning up that comes with white craft glue. A nice tip for using the white craft glue is to saturate a kitchen sponge in the glue and put it in a container, they can then just dip their fingers in to get some glue.

3. Scissors


This is up to you, it works well for us – I use the blade-less plastic ones for his kit. I started teaching him how to use scissors by letting him cut up playdough worms and he has quite a good handle on it by now.

4. Paint


You can get really nice kits for your kid. I’m cheap and buy biggish containers and then decant. I either use a old ice-cube tray as a paint pallet or I do the glue trick but with paint, saturate a sponge and he can dip. A nice mess-free tip is to fill empty roll-on deodorant bottles with paint … think fat pen!

5. Stickers

I love foam stickers I really do! You can stick them on things to make stamps, you can decorate with them and you can use them to teach simple matching skills! A definite must have.

6. Ice-cream or popsicle sticks


The uses are endless: paint them, glue them, stick things on them. It is a extra bonus that they are really cheap and cheerful so I always pop this into craft sets.

There are a ton of things I could add. Glitter glue, crayons, pom poms, stamps, stencils and so much more, but those six items open up a world of crafting and everything else are super fun additions.

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  • September 28, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Love this, gonna make an extraordinary one for Emma as she is ten. Sooo excited. Need to find a space for crafting tho…


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