The Perumal secret to love

Noel and Glenda Perumal in 2006
Noel and Glenda Perumal 10 years ago

Faith, love and putting God first are only some of the ingredients that have seen Glenda and Noel Perumal’s love bloom for more than 20 years.

Glenda, CEO of GNR Solutions, and Noel, Eastern Cape regional sales manager of Quantum Foods, visited Johannesburg and painted the City of Gold all kinds of red this month to celebrate both their birthdays and their 20th wedding anniversary, which are all on the same day.

They were born on September 9 and married on that date at the old Apostolic Church in Hillside in 1996.

The story of how they formed this special union involves a late friend of Glenda’s, who set them up for a blind date, which she was not very keen to go on, or so she says.

“I had a friend who has since passed on. She asked me for about a month to have coffee with [Noel].

“I wasn’t keen but just to get her off my back I went for dinner with him,” Glenda said.

It turns out having a pestering mutual friend was exactly what Glenda and Noel needed as the blind date marked the beginning of many years of mutual respect, love and what appears to be an endless honeymoon for this Cleary Estate couple.

“I knew that night that there was something special about this guy.

“He was an absolute gentleman who brought red roses on our first date,” the outspoken mother of two said.

Two years later, the couple decided to tie the knot.

As if sharing the same birthday was not special enough, Glenda and Noel decided to get married on their birthday, regardless of what day of the week it would be on.

“We said irrespective [of] the day of the week, it will be on September 9.

“Well, we got married on a Tuesday but what an amazingly beautiful day.
The marriage officer couldn’t believe what was happening,” she said, laughing.

The couple have two sons, Roberto and Glendon, and two grandchildren, Tristan and Meah.

They say their favourite and funniest story they like to share is how they are always the oldest parents at their 15-year-old son Glendon’s school meetings.

While they have always placed love as the centrepiece of their marriage, the couple admit that their mutual enjoyment of good food, compromising and family getaways, play an important role in their union.

“My wife is my queen and I know I’m her king,” said Noel.

Glenda and Noel Perumal now
Glenda and Noel Perumal now

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    What if some of the stories you published are not true …but just glamorized …how do you correct it.


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