Dodge germs in 5 spots

Germs are so small that they’re invisible to the naked eye, making you need a microscope to see them. This is what makes it so easy for them to invade the body, making you sick.

Germs are also found literally everywhere and below are five of Dettol’s germiest places.



1. The door handle:

The door handle of any public area is so germy that some people, who are not necessarily germaphobes, try to avoid touching door handles by using their elbow to turn the handle or use their shirt sleeve to cover the handle or their foot to kick the door open.




2. Lift button:

Can you imagine how many people actually touch the elevator buttons every day? The germs on those buttons are then spread around to everyone else which isn’t healthy. You can either use your keys or even your elbow to press the button and limit the chances of getting infected and spreading germs.




3. The table grub:

A restaurant table and condiments left on the table for your use can be quite grubby. Rather than denying your child the tomato sauce because you don’t want her or him to touch the bottle, you can always ensure that you wipe down the bottle and your child’s hands as well with a personal hygiene wipe.




4. The cubicle door:

Using your wallet, handbag – or even your rear end! – to push open that cubicle door can help you avoid germs or you could wipe just a small section of the door to disinfect it and protect yourself from germs.




5. The handshake:

Sometimes, you can’t avoid shaking hands with an acquaintance, a colleague or even a potential client or customer because it’s part of our culture.

And also you don’t want to be thought of as being rude. Yet, you know that our hands carry illness-causing germs that you’d rather avoid and so you can always go to the bathroom (just watch that door handle and cubicle door) to wash your hands with soap and water. However, failing that, you can use hand sanitiser or hygiene wipes.

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