Train Race is on track

Winners of the 2015 train race Picture: Brian Witbooi
Winners of the 2015 train race Picture: Brian Witbooi

The Nelson Mandela Bay Train Race has received scores of entries and is well on track for a sell-out event of 300 teams – not to mention a train packed with more than 700 spectators.

“The team combination of five runners and one cyclist makes this race one of the few duathlon-style relay races of man versus machine in the world,” says race organiser Michael Zoetmulder, Zsports Events.

“Racing against a Metrorail train allows us to bring the race closer to the people than what the Bay’s previous Great Train Race could.”

The Train Race starts at Port Elizabeth’s historical main station at 9am next Sunday, 2 October, with entrants from businesses, schools, clubs and other organisations pitting themselves against the train between PE and Uitenhage stations.

There is much enthusiasm for the new mountain bike leg between Swartkops and Perseverance in particular, Zoetmulder adds. The Train Race covers 38km in total and is split into six stages.

Stage 1 is a flat 5km run from PE station to a changeover point opposite Sydenham station.

Stage 2, the shortest leg at 3,5km, takes runners to the changeover in Deal Party, just past New Brighton station, while Stage 3 is 4,5km with a changeover at the Strand in Swartkops.

The MTB cyclists take over for Stage 4, riding to Perseverance, and Stage 5 is a mix of trail and road running ending at Despatch station.

The final runner then completes the 8km run to Uitenhage station, where there will be fun activities like a Kids Play Zone and a beer garden.

“People can line the route or wait at the various changeover points to watch the race before moving to Uitenhage station for the finish,” Zoetmulder says.

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