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Pre-school kids are prone to the sniffles. I don’t know if its because the little outbreak monkeys keep putting random things in their mouths or are always playing in puddles – does that only count for the ones in my life? – but chesty and stuffy-nosed is even more common at this time of year.

To combat that, I have a little homeopathic trick … coloured eucalyptus sensory rice.

I let them play with the sensory rice and it opens up their noses and chests while keeping them busy … a win-win!

Please take note that you will want to lay out a blanket for them to play on. The rice can get pretty messy, so the blanket catches it and helps with the clean-up later.

You will need:

– A few drops of eucalyptus oil (check with your health shop for a brand which is safe for kids-I’m told not all are);
– Food colouring (I used a small cap full);
– White rice (I used a mug full);
– A bowl that seals or a ziplock bag;
– Paper towel, newspaper.

You do

– Mix everything together in sealed container (you can add a teaspoon of water if the colour does not cover well).
– Lay the wet rice out on the paper towel or newspaper to dry.

Play time!

There are various ways to play with the rice:
– Pretend-cooking;
– Finding hidden toys;
– Use various containers to decant the rice;
– Let their imagination run wild

When the rice loses its scent, just add a few more drops and leave to dry.

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